birth name Vera Anita Jackson née Riley. . birth date & age september 3rd, 1982 ; 34 years old . birthplace Boston, Massachusetts . current residence 3 Bird Pl, Boston, MA 02132 . occupation web designer . status single .
astrological sign virgo . parents Michael & Jane . siblings michael, katherine, & jacob . ex-husband frank jackson (divorced in '09) . pets wishbone . religious affiliation catholic . political affiliation democratic party .
Who really wants to be named Vera? Obviously, it was a family name and the next little girl to be born to Michael and Jane Riley was going to be stuck with the name. To make matters worse, they were going to stick her with a family name for a middle name as well. So on September 3rd, 1982 Vera Anita Riley came into this world. Vera for Michael's grandmother, and Anita for his mother. A name that the newest Vera would hate for a good portion of her childhood, but eventually she'd grow to love it on some level. Well, love it is a strong term. No, she'd grow to tolerate it – going by Vee most of the time anyway. Vera was the third child born to the Riley family, followed by a younger brother only two years later. Two boys and two girls, that is what would make of the siblings. The foursome was close, but definitely knew how to fight like cats and dogs when needed.

Every summer, Michael and Jane would take the family away for two weeks to Catskills, New York. On one particular summer when Vera was ten, she disobeyed her mother's warnings about going down this one hill both standing up and not holding the handlebars on her bike. Vera must have done it a ton of times without her mother knowing, but on one particular day her bike loss control and tossed her onto the blacktop. Cutting up her legs, and breaking her one arm, Vera would forever be left with a scar on the back of her right leg because of this.

Vera's childhood and teen years were pretty basic as they could come. She did well in school, played some sports, hung out with friends, dated some good guys and not so good guys. She got high a couple times, and drank like a fish for a while, but it was nothing about her behavior that stood out and caused her parents to get worried. No, it was her older sister Katherine who was the golden child, and her older brother Michael who went through the troublemaker phase. Vera really just slid under her radar and just did what she did. As long as she got good grades and worked into getting into college, was there really any reason for Michael or Jane to worry about their second daughter?

Settling on web design, Vera worked her butt off in school and even with the nice amount of partying, she once again caused no problems, and every time she went home to visit things were as good as can be. Of course, it was the decision that Vera made right out of college that shocked her family members. She had begun dating one of her classmates her sophomore year, and while he was nice enough, no one expected her to stay with him so long. On the day of graduation she announced their engagement and before her parents really had time to process it all, Vera had gone ahead and eloped. It was this that caused a small strife between her and her sister Katherine, who had been working on planning her own wedding. Katherine felt as if Vera had stolen her spotlight, and while this was probably true, Vera didn't seem to care all that much.

Vera and Frank Jackson were married until Vera was about 26 years old. They loved each other deeply, but after a while it started to seem like they were just best friends who were roommates and no longer a married couple. Deciding to call it quits, the two divorced and Vera headed back to Boston to be closer to her family after living in Rhode Island since graduation. Settling back in the area, she began to reconnect with her family and old friends she missed terribly. It wasn't long until her younger brother approached her over a very personal matter. His wife Sarah was unable to carry a child and they wanted to know if Vera would be their surrogate. It was a big decision, but Vera needed no time to think about it. She agreed immediately and made her brother and his wife as happy as could be.

Her niece Michelle Vera Riley was born on February 13, 2010. It was a profound experience for Vera, and to be able to see the smiles on Jacob and Sarah's face made her realize that she had made the right decision by doing this for them. Now, she currently just focuses on her career and her everyday life.

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